Join us as crew member!

We offer the opportunity to get a taste of our live style and sail with us to the last undiscovered paradises of the world! Regardless of your sailing experiance you can join us and share our tour around the world for a ristricted time without financial risks. 

(most of the passages below can also be split up as 2 week trips or adopted within possible limits to your timeframe)


The costs to maintain Wild Too are pretty high  – annually about 25.000€ for maintenance.  

This is why I have to ask from my crew a cost contribution which becomes less the longer the crewmember stays.



The costshare on Wild Too: 

On passages it will be less – 490e / week and 690e / week on the islands. Crew visiting again gets a 10% discount.

Fuel will be covered in the costshare. When there are more than 3 crew joining food is shopped and cooked by the crew – we will assist but not be involved if not needed.

If less than 3 crew joining and if the crew wishes we can do like on Wild One with a 60e/person cruising kitty and we do the provisioning.


These contributions do not cover my costs at all but help me to keep running. I hope for your understanding.

I believe that our cost share is fair since our crew can enjoy sailing with an exceptional boat and enjoy our lifestyle for a restricted time without a financial risk but sure has to contribute a little.


For more details please email


route- and timeplan Wild One

We offer the opportunity to get a taste of our live style and sail with us to the last undiscovered paradises of the world! Regardless of your sailing experiance you can join us on the following passages and stopovers:

(most of the passages below can also be split up as 2 week trips or adopted within possible limits to your timeframe)


We plan to start from Croatia 7th of Mai and sail via Malta and the Balearic Islands to Marocco. Stopovers with diving, snorkeling and island exploring are planned in Malta and Mallorcas scenic north coast.

Would be great if you join us.



Timeplan Wild Too for 2017/2018


Bluewater Passage from Marocco, Saidia via Gibraltar to Canary Islands, Tenarifa, Santa Cruz – 13.10 to 23.10

890nm - depending on the weather we will have a stopover to wait for easterly wind in Gibraltar. We will likely have only 6 days of sailing.


Canary Islands, Tenarifa, Hiero, Gomera, La Palma – 23.10 to 6.11

Islandhopping between the islands Tenarifa, Hiero, Gomera, La Palma. There are good hiking opportunities – especially in La Palma. Good day sailing with plenty of wind.

Hop on and drop off in Tenarifa, Santa Cruz


Bluewater Passage Canary Islands, Tenarifa, Santa Cruz – Cape Verdian Islands, Sal, Palmeira. – 6.11 to 13.11

800nm – We might have just one or two spare days to spend in Sal depending on the wind. You can always stay on and explore the other cape verdian islands with us. There are regional flights from all islands back to Sal were the international airport is situated.


Cape Verdian Islands, Sal, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente, Santo Antaao –13.11 to 27.11

Islandhopping between the northern capeverdian islands from Sal to Santo Antaao. Many opportunities to dive or snorkel or hike on the pretty high island peeks. Hopp on will be in Sal, Palmeria – drop off will be in Sao Vicente, Mindelo. There are cheap regional flights from all islands back to Sal were the international airport is situated.


Bluewater Passage Atlantic Crossing

from Cape Verdian islands, Sao Vicente, Mindelo – Martinique, Fort de France 27.11 to 11.12

2100nm with current and trade wind from the back should be done in 10 days. Remaining days we spend around Martinique. This is the classic atlantic crossing on the barefooot route with a lot of fishing, reading and chilling out. If we are lucky we can run under Spinaker or Genaker most of the time.


Martinique, Fort de France 11.12. to 2.1

There are many nice anchorages and beautiful villages to explore. Great opportunities for diving, snorkeling and kitesurfing. Very cool for hiking. Martinique was our favourite island on our 2016 tour in the caribean which is why we like to spend more time there. Great place to celebrate Xmas and new year.


British Virgin Islands, Tortola, Road Town 2.1 to 15.1

The sail from Martinique to Tortola will take max 2 days and is 300 miles on a fast beam reach. The BVI´s offer many pleasant anchorages and beautiful beaches. Wonderful snorkeling all around. We will do a tour around all the main islands.


Puerto Rico, St John 15.1. to 8.2.

Only a short passage from the British Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico we like to discover the island Culebra on the east end first and then make our way along the Hermanos reef chain to the Cayos Diablo and la Cordillera. Then south to isla de Vieques which is famous for whale sighting and good for diving.

We slowly follow the protected south coast of Puerto Rico and check out the various villages and Cayos on the way. It supposed to be spectacular underwater world there and it is on my tick list for a long time.


Domenican Republic, Punta Cana 8.2. to 19.2.

If the weather allows we will do a short stopover at spectacular Isla Mona on the short passage from Puerto Rico, Puerto Real to the domenican republic. Our port of entry Punta Cana is easy to reach and has an international airport with cheap flights from and to almost everywere. From there we sail along the southcoast and stop at the island on the way for diving and check out the main towns La Romana and Santa Domingo. From Bahahona we leave to Cuba. Bahahona offers good busconnections back to Santa Domingo or Punta Cana. 


Cuba, Santiago de Cuba 19.2. to 19.3.

a.) Santiago de Cuba to Cienfuegos via Jardines de la Reina and Trinidad 21.2. to 5.3.

b.) Cienfuegos to Isla Juventud via Cayo Largo and Cayo Blanco 5.3. to 19.3.


The passage from Domrep to Cuba will be 300 miles and max. 2 days. Our port of entry in cuba will be Santiago de Cuba from were we want to explore the more than 600 miles long south coast which offers unique diving on the about 300 miles long mostly untouched barrier reef. We will work our way from east to west and want to check out the major cities Trinidad and Cienfuegos on the way west were you can hop on or off the boat. On the way ist he island chain Jardines de la Reina which is famous fort he diving. Ist right on the outer reef and we like to stay as long as the weather allows. On the way further west are the islands Cayo Largo

and Isla Juventud which also have airports and are therefore possible meeting points.

Inbetween again various small islands along the outer reef with excelent diving.

We will leave Cuba from Isla Juventud to Mexico, Isla Cozumel.


Mexico, Isla Cozumel, 19.3. to 28.3.

We arrive at Isla Cozumel and work our way south with stopovers at Banco Chinchorro, a small islandchain off the coast which looks like great diving and exploring if the weather allows.


Belize, Belize City, 28.3 to 16.4.

The relatively short coastline from Belize is protected from a barrier reef and inbetween is a sheltered lagoon which offers save anchorages. Many Cays and islands are within the barrier reef and invite for exploring and snorkeling. If the weather allows we like to sail out to Lighthouse reef and Turneffe island in the atlantic off Belize City.


Guatemala, Rio Dulce 16.4. to 23.4.

Guatemala offers not much of a coastline but it is possible to navigate into the Rio Dulce. From there we want to check out Guatemala, maybe get a  rental car. From 23.4 the boat will be hauled out and prepaired for the rest during the hurricane season.




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